Discussing David Sedaris’s Messages in, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”

During our lit. circle regarding “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” by David Sedaris, we discussed David’s family, his restricting comfort zone, and patterns we have noticed thus far into the reading (page 150).

One important thing I learned was that David’s father consistently sets lofty expectations for his children, for example, when he forced everyone to take music lessons, how he expected David to become a jazz musician, and additionally how he attempts to govern the way Amy’s body looks.

This week I did a good job constantly contributing to the discussion; next week I plan to do the same thing, except I will present more theories about the plot. Because of our lit. circle video analysis, we can go over it in depth and see what we can continue to do right, and what we can improve on. I will specifically use it to observe my poise while presenting an idea.

I personally felt I was engaged in the lit. circle. I often contributed my ideas and I kept the discussion going with relevant points. Next time I will speak with more confidence towards the group.

Link to the lit. circle recording:


Jacksonville Jaguars are the Best in the NFL

Of the 32 NFL teams one specifically stands out every year, the Super Bowl champion. But what about the team, who beats the team, who beats the team, who beats the team, who beats the Super Bowl champion.

That first team mentioned is the Jacksonville Jaguars, the NFL’s laughing stock; they haven’t made the 12 team NFL playoff in 8 years. However one team they did beat this year, the 2014 season, was the Cleveland Browns.

In week 7, the Jaguars beat the Browns handily, with a score of 24-6. And although the Jaguars only won 3 of 16 games, the Browns went on to beat the Saints. Earlier, in week 2, the Browns took down the New Orleans Saints with a field goal in the closing seconds of the game. Later, in week 4, New Orleans would go on to outright crush the Green Bay Packers 44-23. This was a defining game in the 2014 NFL season, simply because this embarrassed group of Packers managed to squeeze out of the grasp of the New England Patriots, this season’s Super Bowl champs. The final score of that week 13 matchup was 26-21 Green Bay. Now let me leave you with this:

Jaguars > Browns > Saints > Packers > Patriots

Jaguars > Patriots